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Practice Speaking through Conversation

We help students learn Hangul, basic Korean phrases, and sentence constructions using our unique conversation-based curriculum.

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Our lessons are available 7am-11pm KST, 7 days a week. We know you’re busy so we make learning Korean very flexible around your preferred time.

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Without traveling, we bring the best native Korean tutors to you. Get matched with a native and bilingual teacher over high-quality video chat.

Hear from Our Users

"Having taken classes in college, graduate school, and at a Korean language program I can say that this was easily the most helpful and productive option I have tried yet. One hour focused on solely helping me learn with a regimented structure really helped my Korean grow and give me the confidence I need to want to learn more. Also, the pricing is a huge selling point. It is much cheaper compared to everything else and the quality is so much higher."

Alex Gershon

Korean Company Employee

Growing up in Canada, I never interacted with many Koreans outside of my immediate family. When I came over to study in Korea, it was a huge culture shock. I didn't know how to speak jondaemal very well and always felt awkward interacting with natives. SAY has helped me gain the confidence I need to speak Korean naturally with natives and not be afraid to have conversations with people who are older than me."

Erin Kim

Korea University Student

I struggled doing self-study and trying out different courses my first year in Korea. But once I found this course I found it's exactly what I was looking for. Before this course I was very scared to try speaking Korean. But my instructor gives me many chances to speak without feeling nervous about making many mistakes. After 3 months of this course I have begun trying to speak Korean with my co-workers and friends - even if I’m still at a low level.

Meaghan Tobin

EPIK English Teacher