Who We Are

SAY is an education technology company connecting Korean learners all around the globe with high-quality native tutors. SAY’s all-in-one platform helps students learn the Korean language and speak it fluently with their teachers using a conversation-based curriculum. Through SAY, students learn everything from the Hangul alphabet and basic Korean phrases to forming proper sentences that are more complex. SAY works with schools, government organizations and other corporations with the goal of spreading the love of Korean and helping students reach their full potential.

Our Story

From Community Service Project to Award-Winning Korean Language Platform

We started as a small volunteer project in South Korea. We had eight college students studying Korean at Princeton University and we connected them with Korean native speakers in Seoul. Our focus was to provide these students a language partner with whom they can have weekly conversational speaking practice. However, as our program grew, we realized we needed a scalable platform and curriculum to ensure that every student has access to a quality teacher. We decided to build our own tool to bring this vision to life. Thus in early 2017, SAY was founded with the mission to deliver the best language platform for Korean learners worldwide. We design all of our curriculum with the focus on engaging, relevant content for building conversation skills. We recruit and hire the best teachers who serve as SAY tutors.

Since then, SAY has won numerous awards such as the Seoul City Mayor’s Award of Excellence and Grand Prize at LaunchCup Korea. We are proud to be working with Yuhan Kimberly and Seoul 50Plus Campus to provide our students with the best tutors.

Our Social Mission

SAY hires and trains teachers who are retired Korean professionals with over 30 years of career experience in various industries.
75% of our teachers are 50 years old and over.

The average retirement age in Korea is about 55 years old. However, Korea has the fastest aging population in the world with nearly 12% of the population over the age of 65. 7 million of these baby boomers are coming into retirement, and many still in need of a job. That’s where SAY comes in. We provide seniors high-quality employment with unrivaled opportunities to engage with students from all around the world. We believe that our SAY tutors have so much untapped talent and knowledge left to contribute to society. Our company provides them a way to regain their dignity, interact with the youth, and become cultural ambassadors of Korea.

Our Awards

  • 2017 Seoul Global Startup Center Pitch Night Competition - Second Place
  • 2017 Yuhan-Kimberly Small Business Grant - First Place
  • 2016 City Mayor of Seoul Award of Excellence
  • 2016 LaunchCup Korea - Grand Prize Winner
  • 2016 Social Venture Competition Asia - Top 11
  • 2016 Princeton Social Innovaction Competition(PSCICOMP) - Top 5