About Us

We are an online language learning platform that makes speaking Korean fun and engaging by bridging across different cultures and generations. Day by day, we help students like you gain the confidence and competency to speak fluently like a native. By connecting you with trained tutors, we help you obtain the conversational skills you need to communicate effectively.

Our Story

Curious about our name? Well, we’re actually called “Seniors and Youth,” or SAY for short. Founded in 2014, we started first as a volunteer project at a senior center in Seoul. Over two years, we connected seniors with students learning Korean at Princeton and Yale. Our students and seniors loved how they were able to communicate across cultures and generations.

Furthermore, our students could practice speaking Korean with native speakers. Inspired by positive response, we decided to turn SAY from a project into a real company. Since then, we've won numerous awards for our services, including the City Mayor of Seoul 2016 Award of Excellence. We're excited to share with you our new platform and help you speak Korean more confidently and fluently!

Our Values

Our Mission

Our social mission is to empower seniors by providing them with a platform where they can teach, share, and connect.

The average retirement age in Korea is about 55 years old. However, Korea has the fastest aging population in the world with nearly 12% of the population over the age of 65. With the number of seniors rising, many of them will be left forgotten due to forced retirement, social prejudices, loneliness and disconnect from the younger generation.

As these seniors navigate through their second acts of lives, many are searching for meaningful activities and relationships. That’s where SAY comes in. We provide seniors high-quality employment with unrivaled opportunities to engage with students from all around the world. We believe that our SAY tutors have so much untapped talent and knowledge left to contribute to society. Our company provides them a way to regain their dignity, interact with the youth, and become cultural ambassadors of Korea.

Our Partners

We've partnered with some of the world's best universities as well as Seoul's biggest foundations for senior citizens, including Seoul 50Plus Campus and Work Together Foundation.

Our Awards