If you start learning Korean today, you’ll most likely buy a book, watch some videos online, or attend a language meet-up. However, mastering a language takes time, consistency and the right motivation – things that not all of us have.

Furthermore, most resources out there cater to one-size-fits-all. We all learn languages differently and we need to be in the right environment to learn effectively.

Below we’ll show you an honest breakdown of why learning with the SAY Korean language program will improve your Korean speaking skills. Nothing beats immersion and having conversations with Korean natives. We just make it incredibly easy for you to get started.


1) Tutor Matching and Personalized Learning

Unlike meet-ups or language exchanges, you will have a consistent partner. We work hard to find the best tutor who shares similar interests and background. All of our tutors come from diverse fields such as education, business, entertainment, social work, and more. They are carefully screened and trained to give you the most undivided attention, help you fix your most common mistakes and motivate you to learn. You will rarely find this level of patience and individualized teaching from teachers in a traditional classroom setting.

2) No Expensive Tuition Fees

Let’s face it: you know enrolling in a Korean course at a university will cost anywhere between $1500 to $2000, at the low end. This means you’re going to be busy trying to get to classes, studying for exams, and following a rigid curriculum that may not even fit your learning needs.

3) Flexible Scheduling

We understand that everyone is busy and may need to schedule lessons at different times each week. Also, learners in different time zones might wonder whether they can still join. Don't worry! SAY provides time slots from 7AM to 11PM KST, 7 days a week, to accommodate your scheduling needs.

4) No Textbooks Necessary

All of our courses come preloaded with lessons in PDF format usable during the video chats and downloadable for offline review. No need to pay for additional textbooks that are heavy and only take up space.

5) Save on Transportation Cost and Time

All of our lessons are conducted online. With access to stable WIFI, you will be able to take lessons at the comfort of your own home…or bed. Pajamas are allowed. Also, you won't have to worry about driving to class or asking your parents for a ride.

6) Reinforce your Learning with our Feedback Forms

After each lesson, your tutor will write you a feedback form that will provide you additional tips on your strengths and weaknesses. You will have access to the feedback forms on your dashboard, so that you can come back any time to review new words, expressions, and grammar structures you’ve learned during each class. That way, you can keep track of your learning and see how far you’ve progressed.

7) Access to Specialized Courses and Booster Classes

In addition to our regular conversation-focused courses, we have special courses such as Business Korean and booster classes like Pronunciation that will hone your skills in your weakest areas of learning Korean.

8) Membership into our SUPER SAYAN Fan Page

We send all our users free, exclusive studying materials aimed at improving their conversational skills. You will also receive occasional discounts, limited time offers, and news related to special events and competitions to win prizes.

9) Friendly Support Team

Email us or message us using our live messenger right on the platform. We’re here to answer all of your questions and make sure you have an enjoyable learning experience!

Alex Sigrist

English Radio Host
"I had a great experience learning with SAY. My tutor was mindful of my weaknesses and common speaking mistakes and helped me fixed them right on the spot. This is much more practical than trying to absorb a textbook. I can’t wait for my next class!"

Gwenda Iffrig

EPIK English Teacher
"I live in Korea and work as an English teacher, so it's challenging to find time to practice actual speaking in Korean. The grammar reviews are nice and happen to correlate with another class I have been taking. But the speaking practice is what I've found the most helpful."

Joshua Vu

Law School Student
"Overall, I definitely rate this course a 5-star! The audio and video quality were exceptional. I had a perfect 1-hour session without any lagging. The tutor was very engaging. Since he had an extensive experience in the business field, he could demonstrate a variety of concepts in a practical and interesting manner."