Level 1 - For Complete Beginners

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Level 1 - For Complete Beginners

This is a complete beginner level course designed for students that are completely new to Korean and need to learn from scratch. However, even if you already know the alphabet and know very basic Korean phrases, this course will still be useful for you in providing you with a stronger footing. This course is aimed at helping you learn the entire Korean alphabet, practice proper pronunciation, introduce yourself to others, answer basic questions about yourself, and formulate basic phrases for everyday use.

Pricing and Expiration Date:
1 Lesson ($32.99/hour) - expiration 30 days after purchase
3 Lessons ($31.99/hour 3% off) - expiration 50 days after purchase
5 Lessons ($30.99/hour 6% off) - expiration 65 days after purchase
10 Lessons ($28.99/hour 12% off) - expiration 100 days after purchase
20 Lessons ($25.99/hour 21% off) - expiration 170 days after purchase

*All prices include 10% tax

Refund Policy:
If you cancel within 30 days from purchase, you will receive 100% money back.
If you cancel after 30 days from purchase, you will receive 50% money back.

Recommended for learners with

• No prior knowledge or experience with Korean alphabet or grammar
• Knowledge of a few words or basic phrases from memorization with reasonable accuracy
• A need to articulate basic words and phrases clearly with good pronunciation
• Desire to self-study and driven to learn quickly with a designated tutor

Topic Title
2. TTMIK Level 1 Lessons 1-3
3. TTMIK Level 1 Lessons 4-6
4. TTMIK Level 1 Lessons 7-8
5. TTMIK Level 1 Lessons 9-11
6. TTMIK Level 1 Lessons 12-14
7. TTMIK Level 1 Lessons 15 & 20
8. TTMIK Level 1 Lessons 16-18
9. TTMIK Level 1 Lessons 19 & 21
10. TTMIK Level 1 Lessons 22-23
11. TTMIK Level 1 Lessons 24-25
12. TTMIK Level 2 Lessons 1-3
13. TTMIK Level 2 Lessons 4-6
14. TTMIK Level 2 Lessons 7-9
15. TTMIK Level 2 Lessons 10-12
16. TTMIK Level 2 Lessons 13-15
17. TTMIK Level 2 Lessons 16-18
18. TTMIK Level 2 Lessons 19-21
19. TTMIK Level 2 Lessons 22-24
20. TTMIK Level 2 Lessons 25-27
21. TTMIK Level 2 Lessons 28-30

Featured Reviews

Stu6 min

Joane Joseph

1 week ago (Beginner, 24 lessons)

Good course. I’ve benefitted from this by not only practicing proper formal speech usage, but also by learning more cultural phrases and facts that you can’t necessarily learn in a class setting. My teacher was also super kind and bilingual (which is important). She made learning so much more fun and personalised.

Christopher Shin

1 month ago (Beginner, 41 lessons)

Even before the lesson I was impressed by the the materials you sent, which allowed me to prepare for the conversation. I got A LOT of speaking practice. To the point where my tutor could interrupt me slightly more often when I made mistakes (But all of those corrections I could access in the tutor feedback after the lesson so that's great).

Vân T Tran

2 weeks ago (Intermediate, 48 lessons)

Thank you so much for creating this course. As a Vietnamese learner, I don’t have much access to native speakers and my school ALWAYS run out of space for students. I am super glad to have this opportunity to study Korean with my SAY teacher.