Level 2 - Basic Everyday Conversations

250+ topic related vocabulary words
100+ grammar structures & expressions
Detailed feedback for every lesson

Level 2 - Basic Everyday Conversations


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📚 Level 2 is designed to help you achieve elementary-level proficiency. This course is aimed at helping you construct basic sentences and frequently-used expressions. You will be able to engage with confidence in basic social situations including introductions and casual conversations about current events, work, family, weather, and biographical information.

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Recommended for:

• students with the knowledge of the Korean alphabet and basic grammar
• students who can handle basic constructions but lack thorough or confident control of grammar usage
• students with the desire to pick up Korean more quickly than when self-studying

Curriculum for this Course:

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Topic Title
Please Introduce Your Favorite Sport
How is the Weather Today?
What Do You Usually Do on Weekdays?
I'm in Korea
I Want to Eat Korean Food
Grandpa, Speaking in Honorifics is too Difficult
Where Shall We Meet?
I Want to Go to Big Bang Concert with You
Delivery Food and Street Food
Let's Have a Drink
Birthday Party
How to Navigate Easily
How Do You Kill Time?
What is the Date Today?
Can I Have Your Number?
Shall We Go Shopping Together?
Making Plans
My Typical Day
Boyfriend, Girlfriend and Ideal Type
Subway is More Convenient than Bus


  • Younggun Kwon
  • Mikyoung Kim
  • Hyesook Kim
  • Jeongyoon Yang
  • Kyewon Lee
  • Sangyong Lee
  • Insook Chang
  • Kitaek Jeong
  • Jungsub Baik
  • Sun Cho
  • Kyongsup Song
  • Keeseok Lee
  • Youngtae Chun
  • Hyunsuk Roh
  • Nayul Kim

Featured Reviews


Briana Young

4 days ago ((A2) Upper Beginner)

I learned a lot during this lesson! I thought that because I have lived in Korea for a long time, this lesson would have been easy, but it wasn't! I enjoyed all the things I learned and can know describe food a lot better than I could before!


Lisa Maria

5 days ago ((A2) Upper Beginner)

Thank you for teaching me the different nuances of phrases.


Tanya Haden

5 days ago ((A1) Beginner)

Another great lesson! I am slowly gaining confidence in speaking Korean because my tutor has shown me so much patience and has given me so much guidance!


Hasan Sajid

6 days ago ((A2) Upper Beginner)

I feel that this lesson was useful in helping me understand certain differences between Korean language style and English language style that I Was not previously aware of.


Tanya Haden

7 days ago ((A1) Beginner)

Another great lesson! I think this was a topic that I am familiar with so it went by smoothly although there were some difficult parts because my tutor encourages me to use more complex vocabulary and sentence structures.

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  • · Helsinki School of Economics in Finland, MBA
  • · Korean Language Teacher Certificate - Level 3
Work Experience:
  • · Financial Management Department, Solar Park Korea (7 years)
  • · Enterprise IR Department, Millinet Solar (3 years)
  • · Global Operations Department, Huons Pharmaceutical (8 years)