Special Course I: Practice Pronunciation with Native Speakers

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Special Course I: Practice Pronunciation with Native Speakers

Need to polish up your pronunciation? In this five-part class, you will tackle the most difficult pronunciation problems that foreigners have when learning to speak Korean. We have broken down lessons into digestible chunks with examples for you to follow and practice with your teacher. You will not only learn different pronunciation rules, but also be able to read and practice with a native speaker to make your Korean sound more natural.


Pay-As-You-Go // 1 Lesson - $29.99 (+tax)
Motivator Package // 5 Lessons - Was $150, Now Only $114.99 (+tax)

This course is broken down into 5 fun classes, during which you will learn:
• Aspirated consonants ㅍ, ㅌ, ㅊ, ㅋ
• Nasal Assimilation of ㄱ, ㄷ, ㅂ
• Reading Double Final Consonants
• Different Ways to Pronounce 의
• Tense consonants ㄲ, ㄸ, ㅃ, ㅆ, ㅉ

Recommended for learners with:

• Beginner to Intermediate Students (including low-beginner students who can read Hanggeul)
• Students with trouble pronouncing or reading Korean
• Students who want to refine their pronunciation with a tutor
• Students who appreciate learning more about a different aspect of the Korean language
• Linguists or polyglots with an interest in how certain sounds are made in Korean

Topic Title
Tense Consonants: How Do You Pronounce '학생'?
Different Ways to Pronounce '의'
Aspirated Consonants: How Do You Pronounce '어떻게'?
Nasal Assimilation: How Do You Pronounce '한국말'?
How Do You Read Double Final Consonants?


"I think SAY improved my Korean listening skills better than any other method of Korean practice. I’ve benefitted from this by not only practicing proper formal speech usage, but also by learning more cultural phrases and facts that you can’t necessarily learn in a class setting. My teacher was also super kind and knowledgeable. She made learning so much more fun and personalised.”

Viet Nguyen

“Thank you so much for creating this course. As a Vietnamese, I don’t have much access to native speakers and my school always run out of space for students. I am super glad to have this opportunity to study Korean with my SAY teacher.”

Dara Fox

“Even before the lesson I was impressed by the the materials you sent, which allowed me to prepare for the conversation. I would have preferred Soojung to interrupt me slightly more often when I made mistakes (although not all the time… we would need a three-hour lesson!), and sometimes she began speaking too quickly for me to understand (comprehension is a huge weakness of mine, even when I know the vocabulary).