HOLIDAY SALE: 'Treat Yourself' Package

Speaking Lessons: 10, 20, or 30
Speaking Exam Boosters: 1, 2, or 3
Discount Coupons: Up to 20% off

HOLIDAY SALE: 'Treat Yourself' Package


🎄OPTION 1 $355.00 $299.99 ONLY (SAVE $55 Off):
10 Speaking Lessons + 1 Speaking Exam Booster + 10% Off Coupon

🎄OPTION 2 $710.00 $559.99 ONLY (SAVE $150 Off):
20 Speaking Lessons + 2 Speaking Exam Boosters + 15% Off Coupon

🎄OPTION 3 $1065.00 $799.99 ONLY (SAVE $265 Off):
30 Speaking Lessons + 3 Speaking Exam Boosters + 20% Off Coupon

All prices already include 10% tax.

Course Summary:

📚 Learn with a personal tutor using our speaking-focused curriculum
🎯 Designed for students who want to quickly improve their Korean speaking skills (available for levels 1 to 6)!
👄 Get a comprehensive knowledge of common vocab, expressions, and grammar structures and gain fluency
💻 2 Classes recommended per week

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What's in the Bundle?

✔️Speaking lessons from Levels 1-6 (each lesson is 1 hour)
✔️Speaking Exam Boosters for speaking check-ups with your teacher to get your speaking score (recommended every 1-2 months; 30-min/booster)
✔️Discount coupon for your next purchase (coupon can be used for packages of 3 lessons or more; valid until April 30, 2019)
Note: Only 1 coupon per purchase can be used. We do not combine multiple discounts from the coupons.
✔️Optional 1-hour consultation for assessing level and creating customized lesson plan
✔️Detailed feedback form from your tutor after each lesson
✔️Student Protection Plan: 30-Day Refund Guarantee

Why should you take this course?

1) Self-studying is not working for you and you want a personal tutor.
We provide live 1:1 online classes with professional tutors so the classes are dynamic and 100% customized to your learning needs and level. No more unstructured learning and feeling lost from all the self-studying.

2) You are passionate about learning Korean but busy.
We offer classes from 7am to 11pm, including weekends, and you can schedule your lessons whenever you want! You also take lessons from home so this saves a lot of traveling time. This is the most flexible and convenient option you will find.

3) You are not confident in your speaking abilities.
We don't make you memorize grammar and vocab to pass a test. From day one, you'll be speaking with your tutor and discussing topics related to daily life. Your tutor will give you feedback right away and you will get plenty of speaking and listening practice.

4) You are looking for the best value.
Learning from a college Korean course can be extremely expensive (usually $2000-3000 per semester). We provide not only high quality 1:1 lessons, but also professional curriculum and customized feedback forms after each lesson at no extra cost.

5) You want challenging and fun content.
We understand that textbooks can be outdated and boring. That’s why we’ve developed our own curriculum with professionals. We don't teach useless subjects. All of our lessons are designed for direct use, such as "how to order food" or "how to ask for directions."

Featured Student Reviews

Brandi Wilson, Level 1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

As usual, I enjoyed class with Mrs. Kim. We studied vocabulary related to prepositions and locations. She was very patient with reviewing pronunciation and answering my questions. She even helped me learn a helpful phrase for my job! (Teacher Kim Hye-sook)

Anthony van Moppes, Level 2 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A major breakthrough in confidence. I could not ask for a better teacher. Both patient and receptive to questions. Ms. Yang teaches with such flexibility in the lessons. The audio and visual quality were both flawless. The message tab worked well to help guide me. Excellent overall! (Teacher Jeongyoon Yang)

Nathaniel Calderon, Level 3 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I really appreciate Mikyoung teacher for always pushing me to make longer sentences and for always listening to my questions! (Teacher Kim Mikyoung)

Lisa Prather, Level 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My teacher and I had a very deep and theoretical conversation today. I didn't know I could explain myself that well, albeit slow and somewhat awkwardly at times. I was very relieved and excited to see that bit of personal progress! In addition, I'm very thankful for all of the additional phrases and vocabulary we went over. It seems that the more I study, the better my lessons become. (Teacher Lee Kyewon)

Mika Sasaki, Level 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

What an amazing learning experience. I am so grateful for my tutor's patience, passion, and preparation for all of my classes. I felt so much support from her throughout these past few weeks and have learned so much more, beyond just the given curriculum. 선생님, 감사합니다! 항상 건강하시고 올해에도 좋은 일만 가득하길 바랍니다. 한국에 가면 꼭 연락 드릴게요! 감사합니다! (Jang Insook)

Recommended for:

• Students who have studied Korean before but want to improve listening and speaking skills.
• Students who want a personal tutor to tailor lessons to their specific needs and provide real-time feedback.
• Students who want to pick up Korean more quickly than when self-studying.
• Students who have New Year's resolutions to get better at Korean in 2019!

Curriculum for this Course:

Click here to see the full syllabus


  • Younggun Kwon
  • Nayul Kim
  • Mikyoung Kim
  • Hyesook Kim
  • Hyunsuk Roh
  • Jeongyoon Yang
  • Kyewon Lee
  • Sangyong Lee
  • Insook Chang
  • Kitaek Jeong
  • Marina Jeong
  • Jungsub Baik
  • Kyongsup Song
  • Sun Cho
  • Keeseok Lee
  • Yongmi Ji
  • Youngtae Chun
  • Aejung Ham

Featured Reviews

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Expiration and Refund Policy

    Expiration and Refund Policy:

    The lessons provided by SAY are sold in a variety of groupings.
    • Trial lesson - expiration 15 days after purchase
    • 1 lesson - expiration 30 days after purchase
    • 3 lessons - expiration 50 days after purchase
    • 5 lessons - expiration 65 days after purchase
    • 7 lessons - expiration 80 days after purchase
    • 10 lessons - expiration 100 days after purchase
    • 15 lessons - expiration 135 days after purchase
    • 20 lessons - expiration 170 days after purchase
    • 30 lessons - expiration 250 days after purchase
    • 40 lessons - expiration 300 days after purchase
    • 45 lessons - expiration 375 days after purchase
    • 52 lessons - expiration 375 days after purchase

    You may cancel your SAY account at any time and SAY will issue a refund according to the following terms.
    1. All refunds are applicable to the portion of the Service that is completely unused. For lessons that have never been scheduled, you will get 100% of your money refunded if cancelled within 30 days of purchase and 50% refunded after that point.
    2. For lessons that took place, no refunds will be issued.
    3. For lessons that are expired, no refunds will be issued.
    4. For lessons that are cancelled and/or rescheduled less than 24 hours before the scheduled class time, no refunds will be issued.
    5. For lessons that have been provided for free, no refunds will be issued.
    6. In case you purchased a package with a discount, lessons that took place will be calculated at regular price and be deducted from the total amount of refund.

    Note: The Expiration and Refund policy does not apply to students enrolled in the subscription program.

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  • · Helsinki School of Economics in Finland, MBA
  • · Korean Language Teacher Certificate - Level 3
Work Experience:
  • · Financial Management Department, Solar Park Korea (7 years)
  • · Enterprise IR Department, Millinet Solar (3 years)
  • · Global Operations Department, Huons Pharmaceutical (8 years)