Say offers course pouches that are composed of different numbers of lessons.

For CORE and TRIAL pouches,
• SINGLE TRIAL (1 lesson) - expiration 10 days after purchase
• STARTER POUCH (3 lessons) - expiration 15 days after purchase
• LIGHT POUCH (4 lessons) - expiration 20 days after purchase
• FULL POUCH (8 lessons) - expiration 60 days after purchase
• DOUBLE POUCH (20 lessons) - expiration 120 days after purchase
• JUMBO POUCH (40 lessons) - expiration 280 days after purchase

For MINI pouches,
• MINI-4 POUCH (4 lessons) - expiration 20 days after purchase
• MINI-8 POUCH (8 lessons) - expiration 40 days after purchase
• MINI-20 POUCH (20 lessons) - expiration 100 days after purchase
• MINI-40 POUCH (40 lessons) - expiration 200 days after purchase

For TEST PREP pouches,
• KIIP LITE PLAN (5 lessons) - expiration 30 days after purchase
• KIIP BASIC PLAN (15 lessons) - expiration 90 days after purchase
• KIIP PREMIUM PLAN (25 lessons) - expiration 150 days after purchase
• KIIP ULTIMATE PLAN (45 lessons) - expiration 365 days after purchase

You may cancel your Say account at any time and Say will issue a refund according to the following terms.

1. All refunds are applicable to the portion of the Service that is completely unused (“Unused Service”). For Unused Service, you will get 100% of your money refunded if cancelled within 30 days of purchase and 50% refunded after that point.
2. Unused Service includes lessons that you never scheduled and lessons that you scheduled but cancelled more than 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time.
3. Lessons that took place, lessons that expired, lessons that were cancelled and/or rescheduled less than 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time, lessons that were provided for free, and lessons that you missed or were late for do not count as Unused Service. For all of these lessons, no refunds will be issued.
4. In case you purchased a package with a discount, lessons that took place or cancelled last minute will be calculated at regular price ($33/lesson) and be deducted from the total amount of refund.
5. If you used credits to purchase a package or pouch, the credit amount will not count towards your refund amount and will not be given back to your account.
6. No refunds are applicable for trial lessons that have been taken or expiring after 7 days since the date of purchase. Only 100% refund on trial lesson pouches that are completely unused and not expired.
7. No refunds are applicable for trial lessons and/or pouches and bundles of 4 or more lessons if granted a renewal after they have been expired.
8. Say credits are non-refundable and only valid for use on any new purchase before their expiration date.