Meet Our Tutors

They're warm, colorful, and excited to learn more about you. Tell them your story. Don't worry about making mistakes. ​In them, you'll also see stories that resonate with yours.

Jang Insook

Tutor Jang is a retired Korean language teacher originally from Busan. She now spends her free time juggling SAY, Korean traditional dancing, and volunteering as a Korean teacher for multicultural families.

Jeon Songoak

Tutor Jeon is currently a TOPIK exam instructor in Korea. She teaches students from all over the world, including Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, to name a few. Some of her proudest moments include one of her students finally passing the Korean citizenship exam.

Jeong Samjin

Tutor Jeong lived abroad in France for several years and speaks English, French, and Korean fluently. She used to own a coffee shop and now is working on becoming a Korean teacher. She loves sharing with her students her knowledge of art and culture.

Kim ByungIk

Tutor Kim has worked in the hotel management and entertainment industry for several decades. He was in charge of international tours for the famous Korean musical performance show called Nanta. In his spare time, he teaches beginner level students Korean and volunteers at the local theatre troupe in Seoul.

Kim Mikyung

Tutor Kim plays the guitar and is one of our youngest teachers. She has family in New York so she visits America often. Her relaxed nature makes her a very easy-going conversationist with perspectives on American and Korean cultures.

Lee Kyewon

Tutor Lee is a jack of all trades. He loves talking about Korean History and will not hesitate to teach his students some helpful Hanja. Super friendly and natural at conversations, he used to do college counseling for students. Now as a SAY tutor, he enjoys being able to exchange ideas and opinions with students from all over the world.

Lee Soonjung

Tutor Lee is currently a Home Economics teacher at a middle school in Seoul. She loves teaching her students how to make wooden crafts and discovering their creative talents. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and connecting with her SAY students from different cultures.

Seol Huija

Tutor Seol is currently working as an official judge at Korea Billiards Federation and spends a lot of her time outside of Seoul. She enjoys playing golf during her free time and loves speaking with her SAY students.

Yang Eunyoung

Tutor Yang is one of our veteran SAY teachers from the very beginning of our program. She has worked in education both as a teacher and principal. She is now retired from teaching but loves how she can give back to the younger generation through SAY. She is super patient and loves listening to her students' stories.